Music and Teenagers

It is nearly impossible to avoid media, whether or not it’s electronic or print. Media surrounds us through the radio, TV, internet, magazines and music. Music can affect teenager’s hair, clothing, and lifestyle. Teenagers listen to the words of music like a sponge and absorb it without thinking about how the music they are listening to may affect them. Whether we listen to music on the radio, IPOD, MP3 Player or on TV, music surrounds us and can impact teenagers either positively or negatively.

Music allows for a connection with others, inspires creativity, provide cognitive development in teenagers and builds confidence among them. On the other hand, music videos that show violence often lead teenagers to condone violence on others or themselves. Sexually charged music videos can change the view of most teenagers that premarital sex is okay. Antisocial music videos allow teenagers the acceptance of being anti-social themselves.

  • Evaluate what your teenager is listening to and seeing in the music videos
  • Discern what your teenager is watching and discuss the music or music videos with them
  • Decide if you want your teenager to be listening to this type of music, compromise with your teenager
  • Provide alternatives, family activities, communicate with your teenager
  • Set limits on types of music that is allowed to be played in the house

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  1. very well done; concise and key points clearly documented; great picture again;
    only correction needed is in last sentence "Antisocial music videos allow" as verb should not be "allows";
    great recommendations;
    is there a link you would recommend for further research? AMP